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Check out the talons. This juvenile great horned owl is fast becoming the predator that she is meant to be. Bad news for rabbitApr 16, 2008
She looks a few days younger than her sibling but with practice she'll surely be leaving the nest in a couple days too.Apr 16, 2008
......she started her evening flying practice.Apr 16, 2008
Back in the nest the other owlet was checking me out before........Apr 16, 2008
A closer look. She was on the other side of a swamp. I had to get a little muddy for this one.Apr 16, 2008
4-30 I discovered one of the owlets had flown from the nest. About eighty yards. You can see why so few of us see these birds. TApr 16, 2008
4-29 The owlets were very active tonight but the weather couldn't have been worse for photographs. Apr 16, 2008
Today, one of the babies flapped her wings and jumped out of the nest. She quickly jumped back. Again I missed the shot.Apr 16, 2008
This pair has grown rapidly and soon will leave the nest.Apr 16, 2008
Yesterday, 4-26 was the 1st day I had seen both adults. Believe it or not they are both in this picture. Lower right and upper lApr 16, 2008
Adult profile.Apr 16, 2008
I've seen an adult in the nest but it always flies away before I can ready the camera. How does Z-Man do it? See his album for Apr 16, 2008
The StareApr 16, 2008
Beginning to take on some adult feathers.Apr 16, 2008
Here is one of the owlets showing the face that only a mother could love :>)Apr 16, 2008
Well, after a closer inspection I was surprised to find that a pair of Great Horned Owls had pirated the heron's nest and were rApr 16, 2008
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