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Greenstone Falls Cottage. Fall color tour...Porcupine Mtns.Apr 14, 2008
Greenstone Falls Cottage, Fall Color TourApr 14, 2008
STUNNING!!! There are truly no words to describe this sight. Big Carp River Valley, off the Escarpement Trail. This hike goes riApr 14, 2008
This would be the view we had from the Escarpement Trail. It almost looks fake!!! Fall Color Tour. Smokers Guide to the Porkies.Apr 14, 2008
Anywhere!!! (Unmistakenly, The Escarpement Trail heading towards Superior)Apr 14, 2008
And I mean...(Little Carp River, Fall Color Tour)Apr 14, 2008
SMOKE BREAK Little Carp River. This is Bec (White Coat) and some of our kids. She looks pretty good huh? I can have these guys fApr 14, 2008
Including Don.(Ha) I'm not sure if he ever made it up or down in the bunk! Inside Gitchee Gummee 7 and a half Bunk Cottage.Apr 14, 2008
Gitchee Gummee Cottage. These come with just about everything...Apr 14, 2008
If you have the time, hike all the way up the Black River from Superior, that you can. There are falls for miles. Rainbow Falls,Apr 14, 2008
Did I mention...LEAVE NO TRACE!!! Look at beautiful Sandstone Falls, Black River and know why. Fall Color Tour.Apr 14, 2008
Union River. This was a mining area, back in the day, and we think this was the old waterwheel area... Rae's there cause she juApr 14, 2008
This is along the Union River. Nice scenic hike, with a lot of these "mini" falls. Very cool!!!Apr 14, 2008
Jeez, so serious...(Ha) Inside Union River Cottage. Once again the only way to go in the Porkies. Some hikes in are easy, and soApr 14, 2008
Union River 8 Bunk Cottage, Porcupine Mtns. This is a very roomy cottage, and right on the Union. Very peaceful area, and a sweeApr 14, 2008
This is what you see when you first get to Rock River Falls, the top angle. Once again a nice long hike into these falls. Not a Apr 14, 2008
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